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2Face Cancelled Planned Protest

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Less than 32hrs to the commencement of the planned protest by the renowned artist 2face, the planned protest has been cancelled. This action has left many Nigerians with unfathomable shock as his supporters can’t really understand why it has been cancelled. However, there have been allegations that the planned protest is being sponsored by opposition party in Nigeria. So, the party in power really frowns at this plan. The police released a statement that the protest has not been approved by the police. So a lot has happened behind the scene. However, it is of interest to note that these same people that are against this protest are the same people that almost shut down the economy during Goodluck Ebele Jonathan administration. During GEJ  administration, Nigerians were allowed to express their views on government policies any day and any time without intimidation. But, today the reverse is case.
Furthermore, the planned protests suppose to show or bring to the world the hardship and starvation Nigerians are going through under this APC led Federal Government. Nigerians are dying on daily basis  but, APC is busy doing nothing. There is no indication that president Mohamadu Buhari led federal government will in the nearest future resolve this economic crisis. Therefore, Nigerians are left to fate. The only action that would have let this government know how bitter Nigerians are feeling about the policies of federal government is this planned protest. Now they have succeeded in their usual way of intimidation to stop the protest. Nigerians have no one to speak for them.
Democracy as people know should have been government of the people by the people and for the people. But today, Nigeria has given democracy a different definition- Government of the few by the few and for the few.  Therefore, if you are a Nigerian and you support the view of this writer please just hit share and like!

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