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I 'll Have My Child Very Soon - Rita D.

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0ver 38 years  actress, Rita Dominic, is one actress so many people are waiting for her wedding bell to ring. grippingly, not just a few have tried to decode who her ‘Romeo’ is, “Riri” as she is fondly called, has managed to keep her private life so personal.
However, in a recent chat with Saturday Beats, Rita reiterated that she would soon have a child. Last year, during a Facebook live chat, she spoke on her plans for motherhood. She told her fans that she loved children and she was working on it.
You know, I do not normally answer questions about my private life but my child is coming soon; the actress told Saturday Beats. The movie producer declined to answer questions about her relationship and private life. Known to have featured in about four movies with fellow actor, Femi Jacobs, some Nigerians have speculated that an  amorous relationship may be brewing between both thespians but the actress described their relationship as platonic, stating that Jacobs was just her “buddy” and nothing else.

 But then, acting in those movies with Femi was not really planned except his feature in ‘The Meeting’ which was his first major film. We held an audition and he impressed us most for the role. Maybe after other producers watched the movie, they liked us together and began to cast us alongside each other. Femi and I are friends and when you are close to someone, it helps with the on-screen chemistry. We are buddies,” she said. Although she is known to always wear a smile, the actress further told Saturday Beats that whenever she watches a particular movie, she cannot hold back the tears in her eyes. “Whenever I watch ‘76,’ I find it hard to hold my tears. I have watched it many times and each time, I cried. The movie is so emotional and I still connect with my character in a way. Each time I see the character I played there, it feels I am still the person.
However, It was fun, as we were in Ibadan for six months shooting ‘76.’ Ramsey, Chidi Mokeme are people I have known from way back, so it was like working with my brothers. They are very talented, and for me, I always like to act with actors who understand their roles and other roles. In acting, you have to understand that you get what you do to other actors. Please like, share and follow!
Source: Saturday Beats

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