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 In the year 607 B.C.  King Nebuchadnezzar ll and his large Babylonian army attacked the city of Jerusalem. According to the Bible, that king killed the young men and women with a sword. The king felt no compassion for the young men, women, virgin and old. Thereafter, he burned down the house of the true God. He destroyed Jerusalem and any thing of value. Then, the Israelites were taken into exile. Before then, the lord had told the Jews that when they were taken into exile, they will adhere strictly to the laws of the foreign land and must accept their new situation and live their lives as best they could.

Furthermore, the lord told them through Jeremiah. “Build houses and live in them. Plant trees and eat their fruit, and seek the peace of the city to which I have exiled you. During that time Babylonians allowed the Jews to handle most of their affair and to travel everywhere around the country freely. At that time Babylon was a centre for business. A historian said, during the exile, the Israelites learned the art of buying and selling and became good craftsmen. Some Jews even became rich. Therefore, God had given his laws or commandment to his people and it was obeyed until the death of apostles. Some church members especially the older men started to teach false ideas and wanted to draw the disciple away from the truth. These men loved the philosophies of Aritotle and Plato and began teaching their ideas instead of the truth from God’s word. Many were influential men in the church. Even though in Matth 23:8 Jesus Christ had told to his followers.  “All of you are brothers”, a clergy class was starting to form in disobedience to Jesus instruction, and they begun teaching that Jesus Christ is God. 

 I want to take you back a little in the year 313 A.C. (After Christ), Emperor Constantine ruled over the apostate and pagan Roman Empire and made this pagan form of Christianity a legal religion. Thereafter, the Church began working closely with Roman Government. For instance, Emperor Constantine held a meeting with the Church leaders, which became known as the Council of Nicaea. Immediately after that meeting, the Emperor Constantine sent a priest named Arius into exile because he totally refused to believe that Jesus is God which is against the true teaching of the Church before Constantine became an emperor. Later, Theodosius became the Roman emperor and the Catholic Church became the official religion of the Roman Empire. Therefore, Historian says that Pagan Rome became Christians during the time of Emperor Theodosius. So, you can notice from this article how the teaching Jesus is God started, which is against the true teaching that Jesus is the Son of God in line with John 3:16 . Therefore,  I will like you to follow, like and share this article, because I will be writing more article on this topic.

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