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Massive Deployment of British Military to Northern Nigeria

British Government has deployed fighter Jets and armed personnel carrier to the Northern Nigeria. This action may be  a direct response to the Quit Notice issued to  Igbo people living in Northern Nigeria by the AREWA Youth.  According to the so called "AREWA YOUTH DECLARATION" which stated that Igbo people living in the Northern Nigeria have until 1st October, 2017 to vacate Northern Nigeria.

However, many people are reading between the lines. Some are saying that the deployment is to assist the North to silence Igbo people living in the North while others says that British want to ensure the UNITY of one Nigeria. According the information obtained by one of our  correspondent clearly show that the deployment of the British  military and fighter Jet is to fight BokoHaram. But, there are fears in the South about the deployment. Many believed that the action of the British government  during 1966-1970 where British government supported the North in what the formal military Head of state General Yakubu Gowon  called police Action where over Four million (4,000000) people were killed.

Meanwhile, according Emmanuel Onlyeike, who came from the South said that they are watching the British deployment in North to ascertain the motive behind the deployment. Therefore, urge the international community and Human Right Watch to help in monitoring the action of the British Government because they can not be trusted.

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