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The Killer of 8 Years Girl for Ritual has Been Re-arrested in Jos

 The recent re-arrested of the ritualist who escape from police custody had been applauded by the public. According to  the state C.P., Mr. Peter, who paraded him, said that Dike was arrested in Barkin Ladi town and would be transferred to Port Harcourt to face trial there. However, the family of 8-years old Chikamso Mezuwuba, who was murdered in Port Harcourt 20 days ago by a ritualist, has demanded justice, following the re-arrest ofher killer, Ifeanyi Dike, yesterday morning in far away Plateau State by  (SARS). 

Therefore, Dike a 3rd year student of the (UNIPORT), killed Chikamso, on August 19, this year, and was arrested and handed over to the Police. He later escaped under suspicious circumstances from the custody of a Police officer, Johnbosco Okoroeze, who has been dismissed from the Force and is now facing a two-count charge bordering on assisting the escape of a suspect and perversion of justice against a murder suspect. 

The vkynews  learnt that Mr.  Ifeanyi, who was declared wanted by the Rivers State Police Command, had on Thursday broken into a home in Jos, Plateau State, as the owner of the house was not around, entered the kitchen and served himself food.The owner was said to have returned from work only to meet him helping himself with his food. Surprised at Ifeanyi’s unexpected presence in his home, the owner became angry and, demanded to know how he entered his apartment, as a result of the questions and an altercation . Noticing  that the man was going to raise an alarm, Ifeanyi allegedly grabbed a knife inside the house and stabbed him. Afraid that he might be stabbed to death and in a bid to save his life, the injured man raised an alarm that alerted people within the neighbourhood, who quickly rushed to his house. On reaching there, the neighbours met Ifeanyi and  overpowered him before calling in the Police, who then arrested and took him away. 

The Vkynews learnt that since the initial crime bordered on breaking and illegal entry, he was handed over to (SARS) .It was further gathered that amidst intensive interrogation, Dike Ifeanyi  gave them the phone number of his elder sister with whom he was living in Port Harcourt.The SARS officers thereafter called his sister to inquire if she knew one  Dike. His shocked sister was said to have affirmed knowing him and implored the Police to ensure he does not escape, because he was wanted in Port Harcourt for the murder of an 8-years  child.The mother of the slain child, Mrs. Lucy  told The vkynews that it was Dike’ssister that called her husband to notify him of the re-arrest of her wanted brother by the Police in Jos.“When she called my husband, he asked her if she was sure of what she was saying. She responded that she got a call from SARS office in Jos. 

“My husband then called Jos to confirm. Afterwards, he called the Deputy Commissioner of Police of the Rivers State. And to verify the veracity of the information, my husband then forwarded the number to the Deputy Commissioner of Police.“The Deputy Commissioner of Police collected the SARS number to confirm the report of the arrest and they confirmed to him that somebody like that was in their custody.“When the Deputy Commissioner of Police called back my husband, he demanded that they should take a photograph of Dike and send it through WhatsApp, and they didjust that and it was Dike for real.“We are thankful to God, because it was God that made it possible for Dike to be re-arrested. Considering the distance he reached, he would have escaped, if not for God. The God we serve never sleeps nor slumbers.“Dike should be made to face the full wrath of the law, so that he will die the way he killed my daughter. They should cripple him, so that he doesn’t escape again,” she said.The Rivers State Police Command media representative, Nnamdi Omoni, while confirming the arrest of Dike, said the command had sent its men to Jos tobring the suspect back to Port Harcourt to face the full wrath of law and promised that justice will prevail.  

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