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Dead Bodies Discovered in the Forest in South East

Less than a month the military left the Southeastern Nigeria after operation Python Dance 11, dead bodies of the missing indigenous people of Biafra members have been discovered in the forest.

This act should be condemned by all and sundry. The Nigeria military has shown the lack of Democratic practice in Nigeria. The killing of unarmed civilians both in South East and some part of the North, especially the Shi’a Muslims should be condemned.
These bodies were discovered after IPOB claimed that its members have been missing since the declaration of Operation Python Dance 11 in South East. That the Nigeria military conducted house to house search of IPOB members, and most of its members were arrested at their homes and taken away to unknown destination. 

Now this discovery has proved that IPOB is a very credible organization built on truth.
However, our effort to reach the military spokesperson proved abortive, and we are making concerted effort to reach them so as to get their own side of this incident. Therefore, the family members of these dead people are demanding for justice and that justice is the total restoration of Biafra.   Please share widely!

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