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How to Awaken Your Photographic Memory - Expert

Your Brain Maintains Itself By Periodically Filtering and Clearing Out Unnecessary Information. Unfortunately, when this happens, occasionally certain valuable information gets lost in the shuffle, and because your brain runs on a “default” setting, it has no means of determining which pieces of information are important enough to retain and which to discard. Read More

This occurs because you’re constantly inundated with an insane amount of information around you (mostly sensory information) in your life that your subconscious tends to filter whatever information it deems as unnecessary and relegates it to the darkest recesses of the mind.

Often never to be seen again, like old photo albums stored away in the closet for years and years and years, and ending up forgotten.

Think about it for a second.

Can you remember the following details within 3 seconds or less?

Where your wallet and keys are right now?
Your best friend's cell phone number?
Your own cell phone number?
Your postal address?
What you did yesterday?
Your parent's birthdates and wedding anniversary
Your email account ID and password
The deadlines for all your assignments, projects and appointments
The names of all your relatives, neighbors and friends... Read More

And the names of their children
These are just some of the information that would be stored in your mind as you go about living your daily life.

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