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What Donald Trump Will Do To Become the Greatest American President Ever Lives

It was shocking news to everyone as Donald Trump recoganized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Many people were so surprised because of the fear of unknown. People envisage aggressive attack from the Arab world which may escalate humanitarian crisis. But, Donald Trump in his wisdom knew what is right and did it at the right time. However, many past American presidents have promised Americans during electioneering campaign to recoganize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and Failed to fulfill the promise,  because many believed that such recoganization may cause humanitarian crisis which may lead to full blown war.
Today, Israelites are extremely happy to Donald Trump for standing up for what is right. Today, Jerusalem is now Israel's capital. And any country that believe in what is right also supported Donald Trump’s recoganization of Jerusalem.

 Israelites are living a healthy life in Jerusalem and health system has been restored to the fullest. Furthermore, there is a lost Jerusalem in West African. The Africa Israelites lives in Eastern part of Nigeria – a Jewish Nation. These people are in modern slavery in Nigeria anchored by United Kingdom through their slave master Hausa Fulani. These people Natural resources and freedom have been taken away from   them. They are being killed day in day out, their women are being raped and fathers being killed. Their children are being force to leave their land and trek through the desert to Europe. Their land is full of Oil spill and the air is polluted, they have singled them out for destruction. Amid all these, they have found a solution. What is that solution? 

The solution is Biafra. Biafra existed before the British came to Africa. In 1967 these people wanted to go back to their original state known as Biafra and Nigeria Government with help of the British brought war to them. Over six million people were killed men, women and children mostly through starvation.
Biafra is the only hope for this people so that they can begin to lick their wounds. It would be a second mile stone achievement by Donald Trump if he will help this people out from slavery and restore their God given land to them. There are two reasons for this: (1), the amalgamation of 1914 has expired. The amalgamation document which was forced on them says that after 100 (hundred) years, if the regions that formed Nigeria is not comfortable as one United Nigeria should go their separate ways. (2) Nigeria Civil war which was unnecessary had the then president General Yakubu  Gowon  implemented the Aburi Accord  which was held in Ghana, has lasted over 43 years and the problem that cause the war has not been resolved till date. With these reasons above, is high time Donald Trump, United Nation, EU and AU should do the needful and allow Biafrans to live as a free people.

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