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Lecturer Forced to Wash Toilet in IBBU

 It was a dark day for a lecturer in the English Department, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida University,  (IBBU) Lapai, Niger State, Yusuf  Isiaq, popularly called IG. Yusuf, has become an object of mockery after he was caught naked in his student’s apartment. The fiancé of the 400-level student and his friend, who caught Isiaq while he was  prepared to have sex with her, made him to mop the living room, wash the toilet, and took his nude pictures.

However, the lecturer had insisted on sleeping with the student so that she could pass titled, “History of English Language in Nigeria .Vkynews learnt that the final year student, who had failed the course consecutively Eng. 201, became perturbed and feared the lecturer could fail her again, in that way extending her year of study. She was said to have told her fiancé about the problem she was having with the lecturer and a plan was made to end the lecturer’s harassment. ENG 201 is taken in the first semester and exams will soon commence. Last Wednesday, the fiancé and his friend went to Mercy’s residence outside the campus. The lecturer insisted on having sex with her before she could pass the course.

Nevertheless, They told her to invite Mr. Isiaq to come and do what he was demanding while they hid in the toilet. As the lecturer removed his clothes to sex, they came out of the toilet. They gave him a mop to clean the toilet and the living room, thereafter vkynews learnt that the lecturer had been accused of sexually harassing female students in IBBU.

But there was no evidence to prove the said allegation until now. The department is aware of the incident and it has been taken up by the school management. The source reported  The Chairman of the university’s Servicom Unit, which sees to complaints lodged to the school,  Ebenezer Ogungbe, said he learned about the unpleasant incident on the social media, adding that appropriate actions would be taken. He further said, There are laid down rules when things like this happen. So, the rules will be followed. A committee will be put in place to investigate the matter so that justice would be done.

The School Management, on the school’s website, confirmed that a committee had been set up to investigate the case and promised to do justice to the crime. On the other hand, the lecturer denied the allegation that he attempted to have sex with the student. He said that the female student connived with some men to kidnap him on his way home around 10pm on Tuesday, adding that he was forced to remove his clothes. Please like, share and follow!


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