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A University Student Was Rapped Inside Her Room

It was around 5am in the morning when I awoke up to prepare to go to the school because I have lecture very early in the morning. In fact my lecture starts by 6am, so, as I was getting ready. I heard a knock on my door; two guys came in and asked me about my friend Linda. I told them that Linda is not in the room at that time. In fact, my friend Linda went to the night club with her friend.
Let me tell you a little about my friend Linda. Linda my friend is the only daughter of her parent with 3 elderly boys. She came from a middle class family, in other words her family lives good life for now and Linda is comfortable. As a result she is not serious with her studies. She likes clubbing and eaten out all the time. On that unforgettable day, as I was explaining to them that my friend Linda is at home. One of the guys told me to go inside the room and give them water to drink. I quickly stopped what I was doing and rush inside to get them water. Immediately two of them followed me inside, as I turned back, two of them held my two hands. Initially, I thought that they wanted to rub me. But, it was a different thing altogether.
They held my two hands kly re-dressed and ………. It was something I can not explain, because it was unspeakable incident. Thereafter, I was hospitalized for two weeks. Then, my friend Linda came to the hospital and takes proper care of me. I must give her the credit; she did care for me until I was discharge from the hospital. But you may ask, why this article. This article is aim at enlightening you who may one day want to go to the University or already in the Campus to be careful of whom may be your ROOM MATE, because most of our room mate endangers our life. Therefore, you have to read between the lines. Thanks so much for drop by and taken your time to read this article! Just hit like and follow.

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