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Russia and China Send Warships to Monitor U.S.A

 President Donald Trump has dispatched the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, powered by nuclear reactors, carrying almost 100 aircraft and accompanied by destroyers, a cruiser, and a submarine to the Korean Peninsula. But there are reports in the region that the fleet is now being tracked by vessels belonging to the Chinese and Russian navies amid mounting concern over America’s deployment.

The claims were made by multiple sources of the Japanese government, according to The Yomiuri Shimbu.They are reportedly planning to strengthen ‘warning and surveillance activities’ in the area. It comes as Russia warned Washington against launching a unilateral strike on North Korea, after US Vice President Mike Pence said the era of ‘strategic patience’ with Pyongyang was over. 

This is a very risky path,’ Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a news conference in Moscow. Please like and share!

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