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President Buhari's Health and Nigeria Workers' Salary

One of the famous saying is "Health is Wealth" as a result of this President Buhari's ill health is source of concern to all and sundry. However, while Nigerian workers are hungry and owed earnedsalaries our President Buhari is busy spending Taxpayers monies on treatment in a foreign land on foreign doctors, this is like taking the much from the poor and giving to the rich, is this how we buy made in Nigeria and to Grow Nigeria? 

By taking out our funds and contributing to other countries while the people whoworked for it are hungry and can not even afford comfortable meals talkless of healthcare, Chibok women's release is a good development but it will not distract us from the other big pictures, it is howeverfunny that they say people are dying of hunger are still the same that will die to still be ruled by these oppressive individuals come 2019 and its quite appalling that we tend to forget the many promises of 2015.

Which included free HealthCare and many bashing of the previous regime on lavish foreign expenses as well as catering for the general welfare of Nigerians, our diversity is suppose to be our strength but is however our major weakness because I know that amidst all these obvious cluelessness and oppression a lot of individuals will want to attach some religious and ethnic affiliation to their this sincere and honest article.

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