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Questions Nigerians Are Asking About The Recent Released Chibok Girls

Many Nigerians do not believe that the so-called Chibok Girls are really missing. Nigerians believed that the girls are not Nigerians and a political drama which the Northern politicians used with the aid of Westhern powers to removed the former President Goodluck Jonathan ile you gyrate and pop champagne over 'release' of 'Chibok girls', try also to use that portion of your head called brain and answer the following:1. Who made the clothes the girls wore to meet PMB? When where they made and who paid for them

2 Where exactly where the girls moved from? within Nigeria or outside the borders?3, If Sambisa, noted by so many as the home of BH was captured long ago leading to a tour by Oby Ezekwsili and BBOG, and neither her team nor the military that overall Sambisa could sight any off the girls, in whose home were they encamped?4. How come FG has, till date, shielded all the girls from the media? What questions by the media could be more traumatic than being held by Boko Haram all these years?5. How come this batch was received at Villa behinddoors. What really is anyone hiding?

6. How come one of the girls is amputated on one leg. Who carried out the amputation? who administered drugs and care to ensure healing? At which hospital facility was she amputated?7. If indeed Federal Government swapped dreaded leaders of BH for the girls, is there a new plot on the works given emerging possibility of power swing caused by nature? Is BH preparing for something more sinister?8. If BH had been downgraded and their flag captured, does it make sense to release their most vicious leaders? Are those released new creatures of still the persons they were?.. Please share and follow!

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