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BBC Interview With the President of Nigeria, the Good and Ugly

 Aftet careful analysis of the audio interview of president Mohammed Buhari , I came to the conclusion that the Health of president Buhari is severely deteriorating. I do not want to look into the sectional aspect of the audio, because it will add more sult to the injury. However, in my candid opinion; I will advise those around him to persuade him to resign now if they truely love him.

Health is wealth according to the old adage. Therefore, president Muhammadu Buhari should simply resign and take care of his health. That's the only way he can reclaim and preserve his good name. Good name is better than gold. Power is temporary but good name last forever and good name is power. It was that good name among others that brought him to power.If you love the president you will be advising him to resign. It is as simple as that. What is inside that Aso Rock that blocks their head, heart and mind? I don't know, but I am beginning to understand why politicians in Nigeria would do whatever to get into power.

However, It is sad that he is being caricatured by coterie of mafiaso clique around the President. What's it with that Hausa audio Sallah message? It is simply ridiculous, pathetic and sad. A sign of real desperation. help Buhari please. I am calling on all patriotic Nigerians to start asking for the President's resignation. Meanwhile, Sahara TV news have reported that BBC never interviewed president Mohammed Buhari.

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