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Is President Buhari Political dead or Alive?

President Mohammed Buhari at the eve of taken over power from former president Goodluck Jonathan, many people have huge expectation from the APC led federal Government. But today, this government after two years in office has nothing to show as the achievement of this present government. In Nigeria today, hunger is every where. People that once love BABA  and voted for him are today the  most critics of his government.
After careful analysis of this present Government, I noticed that one of the problem is nepotism. Nepotism has made this present Government to appoint inexperienced people in the public office. 

These inexperienced people have implemented policies that are not people's friendly and resulted to sorry state of Nigeria's economy. However, many Nigerians wish that president Mohammed Buhari would have be very strong and see the result of his action. But today he is political dead and naturally alive. Why did I say that president Mohammed Buhari is political dead? A president  who is alive, must take charge of his government. Can anybody explain why the Vice Yemi O. should signed the national budget if the president is alive? Why can't the president if indeed he alive to address his subjects or Nigerians through media chat?

But I know he is naturally alive, but in sad condition because president Mohammed Buhari cannot hear and recognize anybody. Therefore, I use medium to urge the National Assembly to commence impeachment process to save the ordinary man on the street.

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