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An Open Letter to Governor of Rivers State From Azuabie OKUJAGU PHALGA

AN EXPRESSION His excellency sir,There is this popular saying that after each race miles are counted. We are not yet despaired, even though we had a little discomfort as a people who felt badly shortchanged, dejected and neglected in the scheme of things, as far as this ongoing widespread development within many parts of the state is concern.

It's true and also on record that the previous administration played a vital role in registering theirpositive indelible footprints in these communities through some key projects (Primary Health Centers,Model Primary Schools, Town Halls etc.) that were sited in these areas, even though the party platformthey opted for, as at the time was completely rejected by the people. This claim can be attested from the outcome of the past election in these two communities.Notwithstanding, we still continue to stand strong and queue behind your administration with the optimism that soonest we shall be favourably considered by this New Vision. 

And then we shall beglad that miles are counted in your favour sir.I wish to categorically state that, we are resolute as a people, to wait patiently for your timely intervention despite the persistent undulant trials on our collective patience, with the hope that the attention of our amiable governor will be drawn to the two communities that voted massively in ensuring that this present administration come to stay.The following are some basic amenities needed in these areas:

1. Construction of roads and Street lights in Azuabieward 20, PHALGA.
2. Construction of bridge, reclamation and building of embarkment around the Okujagu-Ama Island WALGA.
3. Provision of Electricity in Okujagu-Ama and Ojimba-Ama respectively.Finally, we shall be more obliged to you if our lings are given some sense of regard.please like, share and follow!

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