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Mixed Feelings as Supreme Court Sacked Alimodu Sherrif

Today has being a moment of mixed feelings as i have watched how some PDP members are celebrating the Victory of Sen. Ahmed Makarfi led committe at the Supreme Court today blindly and in some manner as though its some sort of a religion or a tribal Political Party forgetting the fact that the PDP has more Rivers to cross in relation to the leadership issues of the Party especially as to who gets what and because of the lack of internal democracy in the P.D.P.
The only positive thing here is that the Supreme Court has laid to rest issues regarding the powers of a national convention in political parties, Now with Sen. Makarfi led Committe to head the Party (P.D.P) expect more defections to hit the party (P.D.P) because of the lack of internal democracy and the victimization of those who supported the Sen. Alimodu Sherrif faction and many more issues. 
Many have thought the PDP will listen to the voice of wisdom and "settle out of court" so as not to bring disharmony and suspicion within the ranks of the PDP. It is important to note that those who decamped to the APC have made the right choice so far before the doors were closed and will never regret such a noble action because the PDP at moment  Lacks OInternal Democracy and therefore the APC will sweep the polls at the next general elections because of the people oriented progrmmes the APC led governement is putting in place.
Plateau State case is even the worse because of the imposition of the Plateau State Chairman of the PDP on the Party and the style of leadership so far in the Plateau State Chapter of the PDP. Money bags, godfatherism, corruption,Nepotism and what have you has not departed the P.D.P, so what are we talking about?With Ex-Governor now Senator Jonah David Jang controling the Plateau State Chapter of the PDP i can telling you that the APC will cross her legs and win all elections on the Plateau without tears.
1. The diciplianary organ of the Party is weak.
2.Money bags have hijacked the PDP3.The imposition of candidates as against the peoples wish is the party's style of leadership4.No Objective critism from the PDP.5.The party is dead. Please like, follow and share!

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