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Goodluck Jonathan's Administration and President Buhari's Administration Score Card

It has become imperative to take careful and unbiased analysis of former president Goodluck Jonathan's score card.  This score card is from the time he became the president of Federal Republic of Nigeria. First and foremost, let me start by analyzing the monetary policy during his time. The value of Naira was $1 = 145 Naira inter-bank rate as it is  being called. The prices of food stuffs were very much affordable to all Nigerians irrespective of your income. Everyone can buy food of his or her choice at any time. What to eat wasn’t an issue at all. I know there were relatively unemployment in Nigeria, but those that works had value for their money.

Unemployment has been in the system for the past 45 years, he worked very had to reduce it to a reasonable minimum. In fact, he was creating jobs through some of the Government policies like YouWin and the likes. Please do not prejudge this article now, finish it before you judge. This article is aimed at bringing the real truth to  you and to the public at large. And it is based on the reliable  survey we conduct in over 24 States in Nigeria. Therefore, Jonathan’s administration put Nigeria as the fastest growing economy in Africa. These facts can be verified anytime.

However, President Mohammed Buhari took over on 29th of May, 2015. The economy  now is the worst economy in Africa. In fact, Nigeria is in recession heading to depression. There is no plan on ground to recover the economy. Food stuffs are very expensive, and the ordinary man on street can not afford 2 times meal in a day. Now $1= N365  interbank rate, everyone in Nigeria is thinking on what to eat. However, government officers claimed that this current administration is recovery looted funds from the past administration. This is a good step taking by this administration. But the big questions are 1. How much money has been recovered? 2. Where are the monies recovered? 3 Which sector of the economy was the money injected?  4. How much left un-recovered? 5. How must is un-injected. These are million dollar questions! 

Score Card:

Jonathan Administration                                     Buhari Administration

Job creation: 67%.                                                   Job creation 2%

Job lost:         15%.                                                     Job lost:       90%

Monetary value 65%.                                              Monetary value 25%

Food availability 96%.                                              Food availability 45%

With these few report above, I can boldly say; without missing words that Jonathan's administration is far more better than this current administration. Therefore, this government i.e president Mohammed Buhari's administration has to act fast to redeem this administration.I know, you have some thing to say; please give your comment below! 

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