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Kanu's Lawyer Reject FG Revocation of Bail

It is very clear to all Nigerians that AREWA Youths have indeed threatened the unity of Nigeria by given quit notice to Igbo People living in the North. And no arrest has been made, they are moving freely on street.  My client Nnamdi KANU has not disobeyed any court order. It is within his fundamental human right to associate, form and speak to anybody or group he wishes to. Therefore, can not be re-arrested. 

In fact, according to the interview his lawyer (Ejiofor) granted to premium times on Friday that his client had “successfully challenged the bail conditions referred to by the government”.“Though we intend to file a formal response to their most misconceived motion, it is my position that it does not lie in the power of the AG to ask for the revocation of the bail granted to my client. The prosecution can’t be seen at the same time as the persecutors.“We have successfully challenged the bail terms we considered offensive to our clients constitutionally guaranteed rights. So their recent application is belated.“

Section 169 of the ACJA being relied uponby the AG can’t avail the Attorney General absolute power to ask for the revocation ofbail. Parties must be heard on the merit by the court, ”Ejiofor said. Mr. Ejiofor also said the alleged security outfit created by Mr. Kanu is a “mere group” formed in the exercise of the citizen’s constitutional right.He added that the group cannot “by any stretch of the imagination” constitute themselves into a security threat.“Let the federal government open their case if they have any genuine charge against my client. They are beating about the bush because they have no case against my client,” Mr. Ejiofor said.

Ejiofor further said the bail granted his client should be viewed in terms of its essence to ensure attendance at court hearings.“Let me remind the public that the main essence of bail is to ensure that the personaffected stands his trial and nothing more.“Our client is ready to stand his trial but thefederal government is not willing to open their case, they are rather interested in keeping my client behind bars which can’t happen again.”The application filed by Mr. Malami was pursuant to sections 169 and 173 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, therefore, can not stand the test of time. Please like, share and follow!

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