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President Mohammed Buhari's Marching Order

 It is no longer news that the president of Federal republic of Nigeria, Mohammed Buhari on his 6 minute national broadcast gave a very clear marching order to all the service chiefs to immediately commence the annihilation of Indigenous people of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi KANU. In the same broadcast he likened IPOB to Boko-Haram. It will be untruthful to likened IPOB to Boko-Haram. What do I mean?

As a journalist, I have taken careful analysis of IPOB activities in the whole of Southern Nigeria and therefore, observed that IPOB activities are lawful and non-violençe. Thus, can not be likened to Boko-Haram with these reason: 1. Boko-Haram kills innocent children 2. Boko-Haram bombs schools and churches 3. Boko-Haram kidnapped children 4. Boko-haram attacks military formations With this little insight on Boko-haram activities, I will say that indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) is far from such activities or can not be associated with such activities.

 Therefore, the order of president Mohammed Buhari is a misplaced order. What does IPOB want? According to recent report from Nigeria media house, indicates that the indigenous people of Biafra is only asking for referendum which is globally reorganized medium of expression by indigenous people to show support or against an entity or a country. Instead of Nigeria Government to provide superior alternative to counter the views of IPOB. They are busy planning to re-arrest the leader of indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi KANU. However, there is strong indication that even the militant in Niger Delta region is now supporting IPOB due to the manner Nigeria government is handling the agitation. If the report we are receiving is true, Nigeria is in for a big shock if they re-arrest Nnamdi KANU or attack IPOB.

 I suggest that, its right time for Nigeria government to call IPOB for a round table discussion and device a means to settle this matter. Force can not and will never settle any problem.” A stitch in time save nine”. Nigeria government should persuade this group on why they should live as one united Nigeria. Instead of forcing them to live together. The long awaited national broadcast of president Mohammed Buhari would have been a healing broadcast instead of the one that tears Nigeria a part. In fact, since after the national broadcast, our correspondence has been receiving a lot of reactions from Nigerians. Those for and those against the broadcast, but my concern here is that the number of people against the broadcast out number others by 70%. Which means that the majority of Nigerians did not like the wordings of that broadcast. I therefore, urge President Mohammed Buhari not use extreme force against IPOB.

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