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Dollars and Pounds are Being Given to Media Houses for .... Read More

One can not imagine the extent of the killings in Umuahia where over 400 members of IPOB were killed rightly in the Nnamdi Kanu’s house and surrounds. It is very clear to all and sundry that the high handedness of Nigeria government is unimaginable. Therefore  Nigeria government is now giving money to the media houses to not report the situation on ground. 

However, vkynews correspondence can authoritatively report that some media house have rejected the money but the military is insisting that they must take the money or face arrest. And also, the international media house have also compromised the ethics of journalism  on this ground conspiracy of  extermination of Igbo tribe in Nigeria. 

 BBC, CNN and others are giving media blockage to the intense situation going on in Nigeria especially the South East Nigeria where over 400 members of indigenous people of Biafra have been shot dead by the military and pictures and videos are going  viral in the internet. I urge the world leaders to raise and defend the law they had made and Nigeria is signatory to this laws.

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