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Igbo Youth Passed Vote of No Confidence to South East Governors and Urge them to ...

 The General Meeting of Igbo Youth held in Enugu on 15th of September, 2017. Has declared the South East Governors as enemy of Igbo youth. Therefore, has withdrawn the power bestowed on them through the ballot box to represent them with the following reasons:  

1.    The South Eastern Governors have failed in their responsibility to protect the interest of the youth.
2.    The action of the Governors in this difficult times where the youths are being murdered in a cool blood by Nigeria Military.
3.    The Governors inability to uphold and respect the wishes of the youth of Igbo ethnic nationality.
4.    The inability of the Governors to communicate to the federal government of Nigeria the wishes of the youth which they want to express through referendum if they want to remain as one united Nigeria. 

This communique serve as final notice to governors of the South Easthern Nigeria to cease to parade themselves as the representative of the people. In face of so much bloodshed and bias electoral system in Nigeria, and  of course the threat to life of   the Igbo youth we can not express this through ballot box as the constitution required. Therefore, we urge you to respect this decision and No Election Order from Biafrans under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.  

The tag of IPOB as a terrorist organization by the Nigeria Military is the case of Pot calling Kettle Black. However, we the Igbo youth do not want to join words with the Nigeria Military. But what we know is that the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) is a peaceful movement or organization recognized by the world.

 In fact, Amnesty International Report speaks volume  with the videos and pictures evidence.  We know as this moment all the arrested Biafrans are being murdered in a cool blood in the military barracks in South East and South South. We urge the world to stand and give a strong warning to Nigeria Military and in extension to Federal Government of Nigeria led by president Mohammed Buhari to stop as a matter of urgent the killing of Biafrans in the Military Barracks across Southern Nigeria. Please share widely!

Signed by :
Obinna Uwazuruike
Youth President

Signed by:
Ngozi Nwoke

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