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Is the Man in Aso-Rock Real or Synthetic President Mohammed Buhari?

There is strong speculation that the man in Aso-Rock is not the real president Mohammed Buhari. I have watched with keen interest over the last few weeks, as the rumour is spreading like wide fire. I decided to subject this article to public opinion and to prevail on Nigeria Government to tell his people the truth. 

Why I made up my mind to write this article? is that the caliber of people that have made this allegation can not be swept under the carpet. More importantly, the silence of the presidency left much to be desired. Because any place a child is crying and pointing his  fingers, check well; his father or mother is there. 
I want to make this very clear to you that one of those people that made this allegation has been proven  right over the past 3 years. Whatever he says come to past and that man is Nnamdi Kanu . he challenged Nigeria Government to prove him wrong because he has evidence  that  the man name is  Jubrin from Sudan. However, Niger Delta war lord Asari Dukubo also made the same allegation to the extent that it was published in Daily Post Nigeria.

I am surprise that no information is coming from the presidency either to refute or concur to it. If it is in the other civilized word, this type of allegation can not be disregarded. I therefore, urge Nigerians to raise and make strong demand for the presidency to tell the truth. Because it will be a slap on the face of Nigerians that the man they feed, clothes, and pay medical bills isn’t the man they voted for, In fact, a total stranger. I could remember here in London, there was a time when news of president Mohammed Buhari’s death broke out and later the news vanished. I believed that money exchanged hands.

However, it is right time for the people in charge of that Aso-Rock to tell the truth. Because one day, the truth will be known. Or can it be a ground plan by those in authority to use a stranger to cause problem in that country?  Now I have realised the rational behind  the deployment of armored tanks and military personnel to peaceful and unarmed  IPOB that is demanding for  their globally reorganized right, “Referendum “.  The world should take notice of this ground plan to intimidate and wanton killing of innocent men and women in South East of Nigeria. Please like and share you are in support!

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