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Justice Abdul Kafarati Sheer Ignorance of International Law

 Justice Abdul Kafarati has displayed total ignorance and sheer injustice as a Judge to prescribed indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) a terrorist organization. To put the record straight, indigenous people of Biafra is registered in United Nation (U.N) and over 70 countries of the world.  Federal Government need to be very careful with IPOB and caution justice Abdul K for impunity and biased prescription of IPOB as terrorist group.

As at the time of this report, IPOB is recognized by many countries. Now is  justice Abdul Kafarati stating that United Nation registered a terrorist organization? Is he also stating that over 70 countries where IPOB is registered, registered a terrorist organization? I hope these questions can not be answered by Justice Abdul Kafarati. Come to think of it, if IPOB turn to be a terrorist organization, can Nigeria Government that can not defeat Boko-haram; defeat IPOB? To the best of my knowledge as a journalist  IPOB is a peaceful group who is only asking for a referendum.
Justice Abdul Kafarati's record in Nigeria judicial system speaks volume because this judge is the  same judge that presided over the case of present president of the Senate Bukola Saraki. 

We knew what Nigerians were saying about his judgement. Today he has made history not only in Nigeria but across the globe as the only judge to prescribe a peaceful group recognized by the renowned world institutions as a peaceful group as terrorist. Justice Abdul Kafarati's strong desire to become a chief Judge of Nigeria has done more harm than good to his questionable reputation. 

However, it is on public domain that Fulani Herdsmen are on rampage, killing innocent children, men and women. Justice Abdul Kafarati will not have the gut to prescribe them as terrorist group because they are all involve. But a peaceful group like indigenous people of Biafra that has not shot a bullet to kill anyone. The action of Fulani Herdsmen could be likened to ISIS and Nigeria Government is begging them to stop raping women and children to extent that the governor of Kaduna State paid them money to stop killing Christians in Kaduna.  

Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) will remain peaceful in their quest to restore Biafra. We know that many Biafrans are being killed day and night in that country called Nigeria. But justice will surly prevail in the nearest future. I therefore, urge Biafrans to remain resolute and unshakable to what they believed in.

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