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Yoga is a Beautiful journey of the self- Fitness

 There is a huge Yoga derived from the word Yuji which means the union is a famous practice that connects the mind, body and soul using various poses, meditation and disciplined breathing. Therefore, the word found its first mention in the Indian scripture the “Rig Veda”. This practice has been prevalent for many centuries and for the reason that it is highly beneficial to one’s health. As such this practice is good to a human body in many ways like healing chronic pain in the lower back, arthritis in addition to helping manage stress, improving sleep quality and providing overall enhancement of healthy lifestyle and health improvement. Yoga has many forms, and the beginning of yoga took place in India hundred of years ago and ever since has proven to be one of the most painless ways to find one attaining mental and physical balance. 

Yoga is not just one form that is practiced but has various ways that people follow so as to be in shape. This excellent form of Yoga consists of physically exercise that are good for beginners and have a very good approach to breathing and exercises. This also helps a person take the first step into Yoga and indeed its benefits to overall health. One of the most famous types of Yoag is “Ashtanga Yoga”, in this particular form; one can find multiple positions that help in providing the right and effective workout to an individual’s body and mind. 

However, Ashtanga Yoga –“ means eight limbs” and yoga is a process of union. Therefore, it is a combination of eight steps including various body positions, breathing and meditation practice with the aim of controlling the mind and fitness of one’s health. Today, Yoga has become so famous to the extent that many practice it day in and day out. However, there are many others that are based on the choice from person to person. Furthermore, let’s take a look at examples of a few simple yoga positions that comes with multiple benefits for all and sundry. My next article will be focused in the sample positions. Please like and share.

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