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The Likely Impacts of Global Warming on Human Health.

The perceived and projected increased frequency and severity of climate related impacts will further worsen the effects on human health. This article is aimed at some of those effects on individuals and populaces.
A good instance of the effect of global warming on health can be seen in the disease erythromelalgia. This is a vascular disease that is commonly triggered by the involvement of change in temperature, which leads to syndromes including first and second degree burning pain, increased temperature, erythema and swelling, of mainly the hands and feet that are affected.
However, warming oceans and a changing climate are causing extreme weather patterns which have brought about an increase of infectious diseases both new and reemerging. These extreme weather patterns are creating extended rainy seasons in some areas, and extended periods of drought in others, as well as introducing new climates to different regions. These extended seasons are creating climates that are able to sustain vectors for longer periods of time, allowing them to multiply fast, and also creating climates that are allowing the introduction and survival of new insect like Mosquitos and the likes.
Furthermore, Mosquito borne diseases are undoubtedly the greatest threat to humans as they include malaria, elephantiasis, Rift Valley fever, yellow fever, and dengue fever. Studies are showing higher prevalence of these diseases in areas that have experienced extreme flooding and drought. Flooding creates more standing water for mosquitoes to breed; as well, shown that these vectors are able to feed more and grow rapidly in warmer climates. As the climate warms over the oceans and coastal regions, warmer temperatures are also creeping up to higher elevations allowing mosquitoes to survive in areas they had never been able to before.  As the climate continues to warm there is a risk that malaria will make a return to the developed world. This article will continue, please like, comment and follow!

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