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Scientific Proven Facts About Human Tongue

Tongue is one of the most powerful segments of human body. According to the latest definition of tongue. Tongue is the soft part in the mouth that moves around, used for swallowing, tasting, and speaking. In this article, I will like to elucidate on the tasting aspect of tongue. Do you know that your tongue detects five (5) different things? Your tongue detects when food is sweet, salty, sow, bitter and when there is pepper in the food. What does it tell you about your tongue? Tongue is one of the body parts that make it possible for human to enjoy food. Imagine life without tongue?  The effectiveness of tongue goes to show that the architect of human body did a thorough work and indeed deserve to be respected and honored.

 In your view, who do you think is the architect of human body? I will like your answer to this this question. However, many people have different view as to the one who did the architectural work of human body. This is why this article is of great importance so as to put the record strength. Most health scientists have indeed acknowledged that there is a being behind the architecture of human body because the mechanism in human body is overwhelming. 

Your health today is of utmost important to you because if any part of the body is not working well, you may not do your usual work and you may need the attention of a medical specialist  Now, who is that being behind the architecture of human body?   In my next article I will provide a very solid prove to the authentic architecture of human organs.   Please like, share and give your comment! 


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