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How To Use Bitter Kola To Cure Any Type Of Eye Problem

Bitter Kola is one of the natural seed that is common or everywhere. Its of great importance to me to bring to those that are suffering any form of eye problem this great relieve and succor. I want you to pay attention to this article and read it line by line so as to follow the instruction herein. Bitter Kola is one of the most powerful medicine that most medical practitioners underestimates.  therefore, if you have any form of eye problem? Follow these step
(a) Get three pieces of Bitter Kola
(b)  Cut it in pieces and buy one half bottle of   clean water
(c) Divide the water into  Fives (5) inside a container
(d) Put all the cut or pieces of Bitter Kola into the water and leave it for three (3) days

After three days start using it like eye drop each night you want to sleep. you will see what would be coming out of your eyes. Please follow this instruction carefully and your sight will be restored to normal. I will need your feedback as you begin to apply this instruction and share this article to others  to read.

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