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Hole in Buhari's Neck

Is it really true that there is a hole in Mohammed Buhari's neck? I want you to reason to this line of argument. Earlier in 2017, the leader of indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi KANU had alleged that  Mohammed Buhari died in London and buried in Saudi Arabia, many people have ignored this assertion that the present president of Nigeria is from Sudan and he went through series of medical surgery to look like Mohammed Buhari.  But the picture above has shown that he went through medical surgery because of the hole in his neck. 

However, many Nigerian politicians have threatened the present government whenever one of them is about to be removed from office that they will talk or tell Nigerians who is in Aso Rock. After this threat, they will not be removed from public office which means that government is hidding something from Nigerians. And the issue of rodents in president's office long time ago left much to be desired.  Furthemore, Nigerians at this moment can not exercise their civic right of protest because the government does not allow any form of protest.  Evidence abound where excessive force had been used against the protesters which resulted to many deaths by the Nigerians Army. No investigation whatever to ascertain the cause of deaths of the protesters which had sent a strong signal to Nigerians on government position on protest. I want you to have a clear look on the picture above and give me your honest comment, you can as well share this article.

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