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Donald J. Trump Signed Executive Order

American president has signed an
order to hold China accountable for oppressive action against Hong Kong  late last month which resulted to blacklisting of the top Chinese citizens in United State especially the politicians because of the recent human right abuse by Chinese Government which they have denied. And what is the  implication of this ban? This mean that those banned or blacklisted will not enter US or do any business in United state and their access would be frozen for now.
However, Chinese Government has retaliated this sanctions by blacklisting three (3) US citizens including the US ambassador to China.  Meanwhile, the USA COVID 19 cases continue to rise as the figure of daily cases is above 54,000 especially in Florida.  And the president that never worn a mask is now wearing it because of the increasing cases of Coronavirus.
We know where the anger is coming from because Donald Trump has repeatedly said it that this pandemic is China virus. It has force many school to close and most schools are going for virtual classes. 
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