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Italian Dctors Break Silience on Corona Virus (COVID 19)

  This is indeed new turn to this pandemic called corona virus as the doctors in italy have decided to  go extra mile to conduct postmortem of dead corona patient, big revelation happene, Italy has become the first country in the world to perform an autopsy postmortem on a dead body from a Covid-19 and, after a comprehensive investigation, has discovered that the Covid-19 does not exist as a virus, but a very large one. Is a global scam. People are actually dying due to "Amplified Global 5G Electromagnetic Radiation (Poison)".
Doctors in Italy have violated World Health Organization (WHO) law, which does not authorize autopsies (postmortem) on the bodies of people who have died from the corona virus in order to find out after some kind of scientific discovery. It cannot be assumed that it is not a virus, but a bacterium that causes death, which causes blood clots to form in the veins, i.e. blood clots in the veins and nerves due to this bacterium and this is the patient Causes the death of.
Italy has beaten the virus, stating that "there is nothing but phelia-intravascular coagulation (thrombosis) and the way to deal with it is to cure it."  Antibiotics tablets Anti-inflammatory and
Taking Anticoagulants (Aspirin) cures it.
And indicating that a cure for the disease is possible, this sensational news for the world has been prepared by Italian doctors by autopsy (postmortem) of corpses from the Covid-19 virus. According to some other Italian scientists, ventilators and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) were never needed. Protocols for this have now been issued in Italy.
CHINA already knew about it but never made its report public.
Please share this information with all your family, neighbors, acquaintances, friends, colleagues so that they can get out of the fear of Covid-19 and understand that this is not a virus at all but just a bacterium that is exposed to 5G radiation. The cause is harming people who have very low immunity. This radiation also causes inflammation and hypoxia. Those who fall prey to this should take Asprin-100 Please like and follow this page!

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