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Finally Joe Biden Call Benjamin Netanyahu


 The long awaited call has been made by Joe Biden in order to strengthen the Israel and America long friendship. in fact,   according  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu " I spoke with US President Joe Biden tonight. The conversation was very friendly and warm and lasted about an hour. The two leaders pointed out their many-year personal relationship and said they will work together to continue strengthening the steadfast alliance between Israel and the United States.
President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu discussed the continuing promotion of the peace agreements, the Iranian threat and the challenges of the region and agreed to continue talking between them.
Also, the president congratulated the Prime Minister for his leadership in the fight against Corona and the two exchange views on ways to deal with the pandemic". I definitely hope that this friendship will continue in days, weeks and months to come because America is very strategic in the political affairs of this world.
I also urge  United State President  Joe Biden  to look into Africans modern slavery which the people of Africa have realized and vehemently rejecting through various agitation for freedom.   I know America  is a free nation and will like others to be free as well through international convention or laws.

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