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ENDSARS Massacre Report Incomplete Without Obigbo Genocide Report

 It is no longer News that the world stand still on the  Lekki Tollgate Massacre report by the Lagos Panel of inquiry. Most human right activists and countries that respect human right want justice to be done. They are calling for persecution of those involved in killing of innocent protesters in Lagos.

However, I cannot fathom while the Massacre in Obigbo Rivers state  where many youths were mudered in cold blood can not be discussed and those involved brought to justice. Killing  in Obigbo were 80 times more than the killing that took place on Lekki Tollgate. But the world  and human right activists are looking the other way.  Were those people killed. less--humans like those killed at Lekki Tollgate?

This is the major reason people from south east does not  believe that they are part of Nigeria. A Case study is the drama going on the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu case in federal high court in Abuja,  even the way DSS  has been torturing him to the extent injected poisonous substance into his body. Despite the fact that Nigeria Government extra-ordinary renditioned him from Kenya which is crime against humanity as well as against the international Law.  I am now believing that no justice anywhere in world.

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