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EndSARS Lagos Panel Report - Untold Story

 October 20, 2020 was a day the youths of Nigeria decided to show the government that they are tired of promises upon promises from the politicians especially All progressive Congress (APC) .  The youth gathered at lekki Tollgate for a peaceful protest. The protest have lasted 3-4days before government deployed military and police to stop the protest. But youths resisted them by not leaving lekki Tollgate as directed by the government.

The military waited until around 9:30pm in evening of that faithful day, and fired live Bullet to the crowd. In fact you can confirm this information through  channel tv videos in youtube. At least four persons were instantly shot dead and their Bodies taken away by the military. But the Lagos Panel report has revealed that the four bodies were taken to Yaba mortuary in Lagos state.

However, the government and military denied it despite the report from international media houses like CNN and the likes. The Nigeria Government continue to denial it until this day which indeed shows the depth of insincerity of this present government. The same killings are going on in other parts of that country according to report from there which is on the internet. But the world is looking the other ways while Nigeria Government is on a mission to wipe a particular ethnic group. 

Lagos Panel report has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the military in that country are using excessive force on citizen or unarmed protesters. Therefore, the world should prevail on the NIGERIA Government to name those involve and persecute them as a deterrent to others if indeed they are not in support of the killing going on. And release all the prisoners of conscience.

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