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Nigeria's Sovereignty Undermined by Cameroonian Separatists

It was a new dawn to Nigerians to know their country's  Sovereignty is under threat byCameroonian Separatists. The above caption is what is making headline in the major news media in Nigeria.

What is new about Cameroonians crossing the border to Taraba state?  The truth need to be told. During elections in Nigeria, these people aways crossed the  border in order to help the political elites win elections. Northern politicians use thses people from Cameroon, Niger and Chad to Rigg  election in that country.

According to Salihu Musa, Boko Haram is  in control of major Northern states and most residents are paying tax to them. Is this not a big threat?  But Northern politicians look the other way even Mr President. However, most Taraba communities are under  attack by Fulani herdsmen and Boko haram. Nigerian constution has been jettison and Sharia imposition is under way  hence necessitated  the invasion because Cameroonian Separatists brothers and sisters are living in most communities in Taraba state.

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