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Boko-Haram And ISWAP Want to Build Camp In My State - Darius Ishaku

 It is of great concern to many people, that Nigeria Government is not doing a enough to curb or totally control the spreading of terrorists across Nigerian states. In fact it seems like the police and army are aiding them so as to achieve  whatever aim they have. According to Taraba State Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku " I am calling on all Nigerians from all walks of life, both Southerners and Northerners to come to our aid in Taraba State as Boko-Haram And ISWAP has vowed to build their camp in our state.

We are no longer safe in our land. Federal government has abandoned us and our people are being killed on daily basis. Nigeria has indeed become a lawless country where security Agencies no longer protect their citizens from attacks.

Nigerians should eschew ethnic differences and come to our aid in Taraba state.  Join us to fight terrorism. We are battling with bandits, now Boko-Haram And ISWAP has vowed to enter the state and unleash mayhem on us.

I am raising this alarm so that Nigerians can hear our voice and come to our aid in Taraba state. We can no longer sleep with our two eyes closed in our own state".  imagine, the chief security officer of a state is helpless.  This indeed left much to be desired and also make you to really understand the condition Nigerians are in. Government can no long protect the citizens.

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