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Truth On The Insecurity In the SouthEast Revealed


The recent development in Imo State has indeed revealed those behind the killing of innocent people and traditional rulers in Imo State. In fact, according to the former governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha on his Channel Tv politics today said, that Hope Uzodinma should tell the world who killed Gulak, who killed those 5 Traditional rulers. 

Hope Uzodinma  should explain to the world the camp of the Unknown gun men discovered recently in Imo which is less than 2 kilometres from his house. I am shocked that as a chief security officer of the state, he doesn't know it exists at his backyard. A camp where 5 Traditional rulers were killed. People should ask him.

Those officers who kidnapped Uche Nwosu brought him out of the vehicle on their way to Enugu and wanted to shoot him, they pointed the iOS gun at him and nearly killed him, they were speaking Hausa and didn't realise that Uche speaks and understand Hausa too.what saved him was the social media. Ask yourself again, who the Unknown gun men in Imo State are". - Senior Okorocha.

Now lets think a little, have you seen what the politician are doing to tarnish and destroy Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) led by Nnamdi Kanu. All this killings are sponsored by the politicians. And Federal government is using it against IPOB with unverifable charges against Innocent man asking for freedom. I want to urge the world, especially United Nation (UN), USA and European  union (Eu) to disregard any publication or statements from the Government linking  IPOB to killings and Insecurity In the SouthEast. I now believed with strong conviction that IPOB is a peaceful movement.

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