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History has Repeated itself, But this time in a bad way

 Jomo Kenyatta was one of the famous voice back then in Kenya and he fought for the freedom Kenyans enjoys today from the British colonial master.  He loved his people and wanted them  to live like  a free people where there is  justice and equity. When his agitation was too tense for the British, they wanted him dead or alive. He fleed the Kenyan soil and came to Nigeria especially in Igbo land where people also believe in the freedom and right of everyone to live  a free life. He was welcomed  and given every possible assistance he needed at that time.  Jomo Kenyatta succeeded in his quest to liberate his people from colonial master ( British)

However, his son Uhuru Kenyatta is presently the President of Kenya. The same freedom his father fought and  Igbo people supported him and he succeeded is the same freedom that Igbo son Mazi Nnamdi Kanu want for his people and that is why IPOB is in existence today.   Mazi Nnamdi Kanu travelled  to Kenya with a British passport but Uhuru Kenyatta aided his arrest and torture for good 5 days to  extent that  he was chained to the floor and thereafter he was extraordinarily rendition to Nigeria without remembering the kindness of Igbo people  to his father, Which is  the freedom he enjoys today. He indeed paid Igbo  people with  bad coin especially the youth of this generation which posterity will never ever forget.

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