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Vladimir Putin Recount the Ordeal of Faill of Soviet Union

 Russian President Vladimir Putin has in recent interview revealed the hardship he went through after the collapse of Soviet union. In fact, according to  Vladimir, " For the past 20 years, Russia has come a long way. Putin recalled what Russians had to go through in the 90s, by sharing his personal Ordeal". When Soviet union collapsed, millions of people lost their jobs and incomes. In fact, there was a civil war in the country. The West had no doubt that Russia, following the USSR, would disappear from the world map. Falling apart into dozens of powerless  states. Vladimir, himself admits that he, being a former officer, had to earn money by giving drives in his car. In order to feed his family, he had to drive passengers through the streets of St Petersburg. 

That is why Vladimir knows what Russian people experienced in the 90s and Russian people know what  Vladimir did in 2000s, he returned Russians a sense of confidence, strengthened the institutions of the state. The army and security system gave people the opportunity to earn money legally. By the way, today in RUSSIA there is almost no private transportation ie the Taxi system has become convenient, inexpensive and accessible to everyone. You can order a Taxi by pressing a button on your phone. But this is only one small part of the changes. The main thing is that former officers and scientists do not need to make a living by driving passengers, as in the 90s. Undoubtedly  Russia has changed alot and Vladimir Putin  has really done his best to make Russia one of the supper powers today.

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