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Why Insecurity In Northern Part of Nigeria? - Kawu Baraje


 In recent interview with the former PDP Chieftain Abubakar Kawu Baraje, he said that there was no Insecurity In the North prior to 2015 general election. But due to the quest by Northern elites to return Power to The North, a lot of underground work was done to discredit and create bad impression that Goodluck Jonathan administration was bad and must leave the Vila.

However, we went and formed New PDP as was known then. And also brought in Fulani fighters from other countries in Africa like Mali, Chad and Niger Republic e.t.c. to help us win the election. Hoping that Goodluck Jonathan will not easily and freely allow transition  of power to General Muhammad Buhari.  So we made every possible arrangement to take over Power from him.  Surprisely, Goodluck handed over Power to  this current regime. And the Fulani people we brought in refused to go back where they came from. This is the Genesis of our problem or Insecurity you see today in Northern Nigeria. 

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