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Why China, India and UAE did not vote for UN Security Council


 Most people are surprised that China, United Arab Emirates and India did not vote for UN Security council against Russia Invasion of Ukraine.  History lives in the memory of these countries. 

50 years ago, in 1971, India and Pakistan were at war, and victory for India was imminent. Unexpectedly, the United State President Richard Nixon announced that he was dispatching the USS Enterprise to secure American citizens in Bangladesh. The India Navy's fleet was led by the 20,000 -ton aircraft carrier. vikrant with 20 light fighter aircraft but the US was sending the USS enterprise. A 75,000-ton carrier, which at that time was the world 's largest nuclear powered aircraft carrier with more than 70 fighter aircraft just to secure US citizens. It was obvious that the official American statement was untrue, and rather, unofficially US wanted to threaten the indian forces and prevent the liberation of East Pakistani. 

 That was not all, India soon received another bad news. Soviets intelligence informed the Indians that a powerful British naval group led by the aircraft carrier HMS Eagle with commando carrier HMS Abion with several destroyers and other ships were approaching India's territorial waters from the West, towards the Arabian Sea.

The British and the Ameriacan had obviously planned  a co- ordinated pinc er attack to intimidate India. The British ships in the Arabian Sea would target India's western coast, while the Ameriacans would make a dash to Chittagong

The India Navy was caught between the British and the American ships and would be seriously intimidated. Hence, the world's two leading democracies were now threatening the world"s largest democracy. India sent a desperate SoS from it"s capital in Delhi to Moscow. The response was great and positive  the Red Navy dispatched 16 sovient naval unit and six nuclear submarines from  Vladivostok to block the USS enterprise.

Admiral N. Krishnan, the chief of eastern command of the India Navy, wrote in his book, 

No way but surrender that he was afraid that the American would reach Chittagong before the Russians and how he even thought of attacking the enterprise in a do or die move, to slow it down. On December, 2nd week of 1971. The US 7th fleets Task Force led by  the monstrous USS enterprise arrived in the Bay of Bengal. The British fleet was arriving in the Arabian Sea. But unknown to the Americans, the submerged Soviet Submarine had overtaken them and arrived earlier  As USS enterprise moves towards East Pakistan, the Soviet Submarines surfaced without any warranty. The Soviet subs were now standing between India and US naval force 

Admiral Gordon told the 7the American Fleet commander. "Sir, we are too late! "  Both the American and British Fleets backed off  what a historic event of 1971 which Indians have never forgotten  

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