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Facts on Insulin and Diabetes

Insulin is one of the critical parts of the body system. In fact, everyone needs insulin to live a healthy life. There are two type of insulin: a) man made Insulin. And b)  Natural insulin, which the body produces. This article is focused on natural insulin. You know very well that the absence of insulin in the body result to diabetes. So, what is insulin? In my definition, I see it as a key to your body cells. Insulin is the only organ in your body that opens your body cells to take water and other nutrients. 

I want to you to know that diabetes is not a problem at all, because every human being has diabetes. You may be shocked to know this, but it’s the simple truth. Whenever you have frequent urination it is called diabetes. However, when the insulin in your body is not functioning well, it will cause the cells not to take water.  As a result there will be more water in your body and when it is sent to the kidney, the kidney will reject it. Therefore, the only option left to your body is to send it to your bladder. Read More Here

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