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The Import of Life Insurance

Life is one of most precious gift God almighty gave to humans. God almighty indeed, values human life so much that he warns humans not to take life or kill fellow human. You may wonder why I took you back to human history as how God valued human. This is to stress in its strongest term why you should take serious the ideas found in this articles. As you can see, life is very precious. Thus we need to respect it and if possible preserve it if we can. So, this brings to the subconscious minds the need to have life insurance while you are alive. Your family is the only and the most important thing you have. Therefore, giving them the sense of security is of great importance. 

The Bible says that the living knows very well that they will die someday. When and how it will happen; they do not know. Therefore, the wisest action is life insurance. Please, get your life insured today because you may not know what tomorrow will be. So, that those you left behind can still survive when you are gone. I want to tell you a true story of one of my closest late friend called I.K. He was a very rich businessman who lived in United State of America. He was well respected at home and happily married with four children. As a businessman he knew all about business and in extension types of insurance. One would have expected that he would have taken this important step.

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