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Before, During and After Nnamdi KANU

When the leader of indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) Nazi Nnamdi KANU came to lime light in 2009. People were so angry and some were happy while others with mixed feelings. Why were so many with different views? Some said this is another Uwazuruike and to some an honest man, while others says, lets give him a chance if he can lead. As time can tell, Nnamdi KANU has proven to be the needed Messiah that Igbo people need to restore their God given Nation "BIAFRA".

When Nnamdi KANU was broadcasting on Radio Biafra London, people like us never believe him. I recalled when he said that there are never a people or a group like them until they came and after, there will be none like them. This got me thinking about who this man is? What is his mission, and why is he here? Today this man is the man of the moment, the only man that had destroyed a whole country with the simple truth. People have awoken from many years of sleep and realize the need for freedom.

Nnamdi KANU today control and command millions of followers around the globe. The most organized and discipline freedom movement in the world to day. It of interest to know that this group or IPOB does not have insurance package for their members. However, his people are not afraid of bullet despite the fact that they are being killed and prisoned day in, day out.

Insurance package will have been the recipe that could make a person to stand before someone with a gun. In fact IPOB has proven to be frealess in the face of  strong intimidation and extreme brutality. This indeed proved that they really want Biafra. The way things are going, they will restore Biafra. Therefore, I urge the human right activists, lovers of freedom around the world, international community that has the power to hasten the restoration of Biafra before they will be exterminated from the surface of the Earth.

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