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Is Nnamdi Kanu a Savour or an Emancipator?

There was a time in the people’s life when hope was lost. The people were looking for someone that will speak for them, no one was found. The people lived a hopeless life for over 45 years. The people lived like slaves and sheep without a Shepherd. All their political elites did not do what is expected of them and no one will question them.
Even when allocation is given to them for a certain projects. The political elites would take the  money and share among themselves. Nothing would happen. The most painfully aspect of it is that even those that gave the money to them would not ask how the money meant for the projects were spent or used. They lived a flamboyant life and sent their children to foreign lands. Their children schools in a foreign universities and lives abroad at the expense of the masses. 

The people were crying for help until Nnamdi Kanu came to rescue them from slavery and servitude. When he was broadcasting on Radio, people thoughts he was there for his own selfish motives. Little did they know that the man mean business, that is freedom for his people. When his intended audience began listening to him, they noticed that what he was saying on the Radio was simply the truth. 
On 14th of October, 2015 this man was arrested by the government of president Mohammed Buhari. The government thought that he is an Igbo man and Igbo man loves money as it is widely believed. However, this man called Nnamdi KANU, has proved everyone wrong. In fact, he can not be bribed. As a result of his resoluteness, his people began to support his ideas and began peaceful protest and rallies both home and abroad for his unconditional release. Today, he has proven to be a savour, emancipator and a quality leader to his people. A man that loves his people so much so that he is ready to die for them to be free.

Today this man, Nnamdi KANU is regarded as the savour of his people. In fact, according to the recent survey conducted; Nnamdi Kanu  controls over 70,000 000 of his people. And a man that controls this type of crowd can not be disregarded in any way. His people loves and support his ideas to extent that some of them want to worship him as a God. 
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