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Bayelsa Is Biafra Land - Nnamdi KANU

 It was an epoch making event  as Ijaw elders visited Nazi Nnamdi KANU the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) in his home town Afara Ukwu Ebekwu. Addressing the Ijaw elders, Nnamdi KANU made it very clear to them that Bayelsa is one of the  Biafra Land or State. 

Furthermore, he  reminded them that Biafra was in existence before the British came and that Biafra has lasted for over 4000 years and wish to restore it. He also reminded them that South South and South East are brothers and cousins and that history will prove him right. He told them that Biafra will be home for every Biafran and also will be where everyone will be equal before the law. He said that what made them Biafrans are the value system. In his words, "my people do not allow anybody to divide us, we are brothers and sisters. We will build a country with strong institutions where every state in Biafra land will control and manage her resource and develop according to her resource. Those in Ogini Land will manage their resource and those in Bayelsa will also manage their resource".

The Ijaw elders in appreciation of the stands of Nnamdi KANU, the Ijaw elders gave a Sword and a Lamp. According them, they said that the sword will help him to continue his fight whilst the Lamp is to lit his Road way as he continue the fight of Biafra restoration.

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