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I Was Persuaded To Marry another Man After Twelve Days Of Delivery

I cannot continue to hide the truth which I know will help the young girls out there to avoid the same mistake I made. My name is Tim from one of the remote village in Eche Local Government Area of Rivers, Nigeria. I am 22 years of age and was raised by a single mother. When I was a teenager, my father always advice me to respect my elderly brothers and sisters. I always remember and obeyed his advice. When my Dad was alive he is a man of integrity and does not support rudeness in any manner. I was growing with the same mindset until his death, many things changed in my life and things turned otherwise.

After my secondary school, l wrote my G.C.E and it was a blessing and un-expected result, I made 9 credits. However, I could not go any further in my academic pursuit because of finance. I decided to go and learn “Head–Dressing”.  After 6 months and 2 weeks I graduated. My mother gave me her hard earned money to open a Head-Dressing Saloon.  As I was making serious effort to get a shop, I came in contact with one young man name withheld. He assisted me so much so that I did not know how to thank him. Immediately he began staring at me with strong emotion, I pretended as if I did not notice it.  But after some minutes, he said, I love you and I want to marry you. “I replied”, how do you mean? He said yes, I meant it. I told him to give me time to think about it and also, to inform my mum.

After two months, everything about the marriage rite began. In another one week, we were husband and wife; everything has been done. Thereafter, I then realized how beautiful and splendid my traditional marriage was, in fact, it was the talk of the town because my husband was well-to-do. To me I never married him because of money, but little did I know that my mother gave her consent because of money. In the next 10 months something tragic happened and then I was about to deliver my first child. Guess what! My husband had a fatal accident and he was confined to a wheel-chair, he can not do his business any more thus, live became somewhat unpleasant.  So, as a result of the shock I received; I delivered my first baby of 8 months and 3 weeks. My mother was so happy that I delivered safely and the baby was alive too.
My husband was wise to insure his life either by injury or death, so the life insurance he did was up to date. That was the only knight in shining armor I had, so; the baby was well take care of. After 6 days, I left the hospital to our home. Remember, during this time my husband has not see me or the baby either.  So, I claimed all the insurance benefits according to my mother’s advice unknown to me that my mother has a different plan. Thank you so much for reading this story and I promise you that it will continue in next article! Please like, share and follow!

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