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I Was Persuaded To Marry another Man After Twelve Days Of Delivery. Part 2

After 2 days we arrived our home, people began visiting us. During that time, there was a festival that was going on. In this festival, all the first daughter of every family in the village must be present. In view of my current condition going to that festivals is out of question and remember I am the first daughter of my parent. Most importantly, this festival is only meant for singles. Single men always come this festival because it is where they choose who they will marry.

Statistics also has shown that 98 out of 100 married women in our community were chosen and engaged during the festival. Thus, the festival is regarded as the most important occasion in our community and it is a must to everyone. My mother once again persuaded me to go to the festival. When I asked her, who will take care of my baby; she smiled and said “I am here my daughter”. I dressed up and went to the festival, as soon as I got there; a man called me and asked about my mother I said she is fine and at home with my baby. 

Unknown to me that my mother had arrange the man for a woman that just delivered a baby of 12 days old. I could not understand the rational behind my mother’s decision. However, my sick husband was responding well to the treatment but, was confined in a wheel-chair. Do not forget that I have claimed all his insurance benefit as a result; he had no money to pay for further treatment. So, he called me on phone and I was not there to answer his call but my mother was there and she answered the call. Their conversion was the only thing that changed my marriage. I did not know what exactly they discussed  but I knew my mother very well she must have been blunt and rude to him.  After 2 days my husband died due to the shock he received. I was so devastated and resolved not to accept further advice from my mother. Dear reader, the aim of this article is to educate you about how mothers sometimes mis-lead and ill-advice us. As a mother, they should be respected but when it come to given advice; we must evaluate our mothers very well so as to know their mindset and thinking before we make any decision.  This article will continue in part 3.

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