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My Visit to the Motherless Babies Home

It was a pleasant morning when my team and I decided to visit the Motherless Babies Home in my area. It was an ugly sight as we looked into the compound. It was something no one will ever imagine in his or her life time. The state of the compound and babies in that compound will indeed force one to shed tears. These children are living below the set standards and unimaginable condition.
My interview with one of the manager, she said that the poor state of the facilities in the compound left much to be desired. She also lamented about the non-challant attitude of the public towards them. She said that the public feel so reluctant to donate money, food items and other things needed to care for the children. Therefore she call on charity organizations to do more to assist the children and give them hope for the future. Usually, Charity Organizations should be much concerned about the Motherless in our society, but the reverse has been the case. Therefore, the public have to do more to donate whatever they have like clothes, shoes, money and cars to help these children.
So, how many children do you have in this place? We have up to 350 children, and we are responsible for their feeding and clothing. So this is why we are calling on public spirited individuals to help us and donate some thing to us.
What about the public donors? She cried as I asked the question, in her words, public donors have abandoned us, since one or two years now no one has given us any thing to help these children. However, she narrated a story of a child that died last week. She said that the home needed only $50 to save that child but due to lack of money they could not save him. What an unfortunate incident! I therefore, use this medium to call on well meaning people or those that wish to help these children to do so and save life.  The only way you can leave a good legacy is to help someone, and that someone is the fatherless and motherless babies. So, do something, if you want to help these children please send a mail to the contact E-mail Address in this blog. Please like, follow and share this to others to read!

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