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Thoughtful Advice to Ladies Part 2

 This article is entitled "When it is too late to say had I known". Life is full of ups and down therefore, it has become extremely imperative to give this wonderful advice to the young and old Ladies out there. Ladies nowadays centers their love and relationship on money which has become a snare to them. Many ladies had lost the opportunity to accomplish their woman hood because of Money. 

Money is very important, no doubt about it because you need it to service yourself and to keep body and soul together. But I want you to carefully read this article of one of my closest friend " name is Stanley, I have a girlfriend whom I have dated for 1 year. Recently she left me just because I don't have enough money to Carter for her needs, but just last week I won a visa lottery to Canada to go and work in one of the Canadian company for 4 years and am permitted to go with any of my family members if I wish. The good news have spread everywhere that Stanley has won a visa lottery to Canada. When my girlfriend heard about it, she called me and was begging me to accept her back and travel with to Canada and I was short of words because I don't know what to say. Not only her . Many people that forgot me started calling me and congratulating me. I really thank God for this blessing and Favour ".

What lesson have you learned dear reader ? You see, patient is the key to a successful relationship which may transmute to a happy marital life. I will like you to share this article so that others can read and learn from it. Thanks for reading!

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